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“As an entrepreneur, you should assume none of your customers is like you, yet I find that most entrepreneurs assume just the opposite. Kelly McDonald takes on this challenge in ‘How to Market to People Not Like You.’ Her focus is on companies facing change, which of course includes every startup.”

Forbes, Martin Zwilling

“In this necessary book, Kelly McDonald shares plenty of insider tips on how to reach diverse audiences. This book really stands out.”

Influential Marketing Blog, Rohit Bhargava

“The easy-to-skim book offers insight into all kinds of marketing divisions: rural vs. metro, military vs. civilian, even vegans vs. meat-eaters, but her best examples touch on the astonishing recent changes in the Hispanic market.”

MediaPost News, Marketing Daily | Sarah Mahoney

“The guidance in How to Market to People Not Like You is very straightforward, easy to understand, and easy to implement. Pick up a copy of How to Market to People Not Like You and find out where you can be adding more sales and thus more dollars to your bottom-line.”

AllBusiness, Paul McCord

“One of the top five best business books of 2011.”

“I recommend the book. Kelly McDonald does an excellent job of opening your eyes to entire audiences you aren’t getting. It offers fresh perspectives and some great examples. There’s fantastic advice throughout the book.“

PR Breakfast Club, Matt LaCasse

“A game-changing book … if there is only one book on expanding your business that you buy this year – make this one it!”

“A Closer Look” Radio, Pam Atherton

“This is not your traditional, ho-hum book on marketing. Rather, it is an eye-opening read that changes the marketing paradigm with an approach that is both fresh and exciting. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is responsible for expanding their sales base and attracting customers unlike the ones they already have.”

The Niche Marketing Blog, Scott Spooner

“This is a handbook that every business owner and corporate marketer should read.”

Melodies in Marketing, Mario Vellandi

“This book is a fast-read with great example of how companies, big and small, have made minor changes to their marketing message. These minor changes resulted in major results.”

7 Degrees Communications, Jessica Levin

“Kelly’s message is simple: If you really, truly want your business to succeed you need to market to cultures other than your own. Don’t assume you know what people want, because you don’t.”

Beautiful Lofty Things

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